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2018 a small universe in

the field of meaning

group exhibition

Curated by Danuh Tyas

Edwin’s gallery

Jakarta, Indonesia


Through his work, the artist expressed his response to the world around him. Even so, the response was never comprehensive, the picture of the world around him was never comprehensive, the work of artists was often the result of his subjective and meaningful experience, and because it was not infrequent what appeared in the work was symbolic and figurative. And it may be precisely that which causes each work of art to be unique, precisely because of the unique and personal way of disclosure. So whenever we are dealing with works of art, we should be suspicious, that the work reveals something bigger and wider, even though it seems symbolic and personal. It is fitting that we try to see works as an artist's effort to filter out something "universal" from something "personal".


That way, artists "depend" on the world around them. It is in the surrounding world that artists get something interesting for them, for them to respond to and interpret - to later become works. The world (environment) around artists - through various natural phenomena or all kinds of humans in it - provides many things for artists to interpret and interpret. The relationship between artists and the world around them can also be seen as a "reciprocal" relationship. From the world around him, artists get inspiration and through his gaze he makes works, while the work of artists is often aimed at arousing awareness of people who see it about the world in which they live, awareness to participate in understanding the world around them. Even in some works, not only is consciousness awakened, but the work of artists moves people directly to do something.

In such a relationship, the artist as a human being is also a 'small universe', 'microcosm' or 'little universe' (in Javanese) that does not stand in his own world, but he is in the middle of something bigger, in the middle - middle of the 'big universe', 'macrocosm' or 'big universe'. The work of artists is not only realized solely from the meaning of the artist from what he sees, it is not impossible for artists to also get ideas from other meanings about the surrounding world that other people have triggered. Books, the internet or chat are the tools that make it possible. So for artists, the world (environment) around it is not only the place where he lives, but more than that is a place that "supports" his work, with various things to respond to and - especially - interpreted. Artists are "small universes in the middle of fields of meaning".


Danuh Tyas


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