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Curated by Farah Wardani, Heri Pemad & Bob Edrian

September 10 – November 24, 2022

6th Floor, Sarinah Building

Jakarta, Indonesia


The Distrik Seni x Sarinah is motivated to present more interesting works of art. The 30 individual and collective artists who are involved in collaborating in this second session of the exhibition have a distinctive and strong character, as well as their uniqueness in exploring sustainable ideas from the point of view of local culture. Thus, not only carrying the spirit of the revival of the arts ecosystem, but also as a cultural education space that is in line with ‘Berkelanjutan’ (sustainable) values.

The theme ‘Berkelanjutan’ (sustainable) was chosen because recently it has been discussed a lot, especially in the discussion of ecosystems. The relation with art works, according to Farah Wardani, the curator of the exhibition, is that the sustainability of art and culture is not only seen from the specific arts disciplines but also side by side with social issues in the field and other disciplines that surround it.

'Sustainable' in this case can be interpreted and linked to various things including sustainable nature and the environment, ideas and sustainable economic methods of the art ecosystem itself.

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