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Herbis Hall

Osaka, Japan


The UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE is a program created to support budding creative and emerging artists in South East Asian countries. Young talents get to immerse in an artistic three-day event, where they showcase, exhibit, and have judges preview their work. Art forms and talents featured in the program vary from photography, illustration, fashion, film, and others. The platform aims to put young artists in the limelight, with the hopes that they, too, could grow amid other professionals and artists in their respective industries. The program ran throughout September 15 until 16, 2018, while the judge preview – comprised of editors, art directors, and gallery owners – took place on September 14.

Last November, Indonesia is proud to be represented by ten young talents from the motherland, whose works were applauded and revered among goers. Ranging from illustrations, to posters, to portraits, and even mix-medium artwork.

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