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2014 redraw

group exhibition

Curated by Mia Maria

Edwin’s Gallery

Jakarta, Indonesia


Drawing first is an act of urge, a mental drive, which is followed by an act of technical skill, soft motoric skill strengthening by instinctive technics. A holistic production of the connection between sense of sight-brain-soft motoric skill. Drawing is seeing the world and redrawing it from what our brain captured.


In a more general context, drawing is one of the first manifestations of human urge to express. Since a very young age, without provocation from parents, young babies naturally scratches and scribbles with whatever they found to create doodles. Even though they are not given pencils and crayons, they would scribble with their food or anything in their hand. Babies’ curiosity for textures, markings, colors, and shapes, shows how drawing, visual elements, is a form of basic need for connection and communication. People in general cannot detach themselves from drawing as form of communication and concept building process.


Drawing is concept of its own, attached to it is so many elements that build its existence, roles, and values. It has been a pleasurable mindful process to bring those on, in this exhibitions.


Mia Maria


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