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March 12 – 14, 2019

Olympia London

United Kingdom


In 2019, Indonesia was present at the London Book Fair to become the first Southeast Asian country to become ‘Market Focus Country'. The committee has prepared a number of programs that reflect the theme promoted by Indonesia, namely: "17,000 Islands of Imagination". The wealth and cultural diversity that exists in Indonesia is certainly a pride for us. Indonesia's presence at the London Book Fair will bring "the sea" as a theme that ushered in the travel of our books to unexpected places, forms and times. This concept is visualized into water waves or ripples that move dynamically from one point and resonate extensively. The theme "17,000 Islands of Imagination" was applied in the design of the pavilion, graphics, and video, with the concept above.

In this case, as an archipelagic country, the sea is also an inseparable part of the life of the Indonesian people. This also underlies my idea of making seafloor-themed works, also on the basis of conceptual and technical considerations. I use dominant colors in blue.

There is a term that knowledge is broad, as deep as the ocean, increases and multiply many times, there is much that we can meet, learn, and explore to expand our knowledge. Dive into knowledge and deepen the experience, I translate it into visual underwater oceans that still hold many mysteries, always inviting human curiosity in acquiring knowledge, and books are a human medium to get that knowledge.

I made the murals spontaneously, without sketching them first, very challenging, as well as fun because I didn't have to fully control the media I used. All I do is flowing, freeing the imagination as long as possible, responding to space in the Indonesian pavilion from the bottom to the top. 

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