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Curated by Bambang Toko Witjaksono

May 3 – 26, 2019

The Triangle Tower of Sofia, Bulgaria    



The "EASTERN RHYTHMS " exhibition project was initiated and organized by the joint efforts of the Embassy of Indonesia in Bulgaria and AMATERAS Foundation. For the first time in SOFIA PAPER ART FEST contemporary art from Indonesia will be presented. Indonesian Culture bearing many layers of historical and cultural heritage, exotic art in rapidly developing modern economy and way of life. Indonesia - a very tolerant and interesting country, while extremely attractive with its beautiful lush scenery, talented people and tremendous spirituality. All this is presented in the exhibition with curators Bambang Toko Witjaksono, Indonesia and Daniela Todorova, art director of AMATERAS Foundation. The event is also proudly supported by Bank National Indonesia, one of the biggest bank in Indonesia.


         The exhibition presents 16 Indonesian contemporary artists, each of whom has a pronounced creative creed and a certain bias towards a particular technique or theme. Some of the authors appear in classic techniques on paper such as drawing, watercolor and various printing techniques. At the same time the featured sculpture is a papier mache. Intriguing are some of the stories of certain authors who are socially involved with their works that present everyday fragments of life. A very diverse exhibition which selection is based on the principle of the contrast that exists in the country itself. Some works are full of allegories that show a rather restless world, while others are filled with timelessness.

Resilience #1 & 2 -100x100cm - watercolo
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