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2019 termasuk

group exhibition

Curated by Lauren Parker and John Cruthers

January 19 - February 16 2019

Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney


Through presentations of new works from 10 contemporary artists living in Indonesia, including will showcase a rich display including paintings, graphics, works on paper, textiles and sculptures.

‘Termasuk’ is a word that in English means "to be included". In broad terms in English it also refers to the meaning of "being considered, to connect, to take part, to enter into, to belong". The exhibition was initiated with the aim of providing an entrance that illustrates the spirit and depth of artists' current art practices in Indonesia - an invitation to connect, to participate.


Selected works to be exhibited will explore ideas relating to belonging, where artists question their communities, their communities, their relationships, their home life and themselves. Identity and inclusiveness are very important for the notion of belonging in a society that has many differences and this exhibition hopes to describe various views in this regard - those that are densely rich and still raw without decoration, both personal and political. In collaboration with young artists and mid-career artists, this exhibition will provide special access to the productions of artist studios in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja and Bali. Because this is the first time that some artists have exhibited their work in Australia, we will strive to display a series of works by each artist to thoroughly describe their practices.


Along with this exhibition there will be a series of general programs to enable the Australian public to be interested in art to further consider their understanding of contemporary art from Indonesia. As a fundamental theme, including will provide a platform from which broader topics can be discussed, for example where these artists and works are located in current and contemporary international art trends in Indonesian art history. We hope that a broad community of Indonesian study academics, researchers, curators, writers and artists can all participate in this discussion - bringing all voices and shared experiences in one forum.


When more artwork from Indonesia is included in the fixed collection of public institutions in Australia, and the increasing list of Australian artists who spend time in the arts community in Indonesia, it can be said that more than ever contemporary art from Indonesia has a place in Australia and vice versa. The purpose of this exhibition is to strengthen this relationship. The art that we consider to be Indonesian contemporary art does not have to be just a big work, bold installation works like those that have been exhibited in Australia to date. It can also be works that are varied, subtle, soft, and surprising with the choice of media and approach. Through the inclusion of various new artists and practices, including will provide a different understanding of Indonesian contemporary art and its culture and society from which it is depicted.

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